Treasures from the other side

  • Plague Doctor T-Shirt
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    This is the guy that shows up when you're bitten by a rat. I'm not dead yet!
  • 666 Skull Shirt
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    The mark of the beast incorporating a skull design.
  • Shower Curtain of Earthly Delights
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    The Hieronymus Bosch version of Where's Waldo will keep you by the tub for hours!
  • Santa Muerte T-shirt
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    Santa Muerte is the personification of death that brings healing, protection and safe delivery to the afterlife. In this original design by Heber Fransiskus Tambunan she is accompanied by her collection of symbolic objects.
  • Dark Embrace - Tshirt
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    Embrace the darkness. Original design by Gerrel Saunders
  • The Rusalka
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    The Rusalki are unquiet dangerous spirits who lurk in bodies of water. They are the spirits of jilted women who would die in peace if their death was avenged. They use their looks and voice to seduce young men to the water where they entangle them in their hair and tickle them to death. They are considered to represent universal beauty and are highly respected and feared in Slavic culture. Original artwork by Justell Vonk. Exclusive to Dark Comforts..: 100% Polyester.: One side print.: Hooks not included